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Thank you for wanting to get tattooed at Wild Paw.

Please follow this guide and provide all the information listed here for a smooth and quick booking experience. Send this to the tattooer of your choice.


(*)s denote information that is necessary and must not be left out.




*Phone number:

Preferred Pronoun:

Social Media Handle:

*are you over 18: yes/no


*Where on your body is your new tattoo going, and roughly how big did you want it? 

*Please attach a picture of the spot you’d like your new tattoo on. Please take it from a head on angle, and mark out the exact spot if you have size restrictions.


*Describe the tattoo you want.

*Please attach reference images.


*Preferred days/times for your appointment:

*Do you have a budget you’d like to stick within for this tattoo:


Additional comments/ questions

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Tattooing rates average $150/hr in our shop. While we can give price estimates before hand, the final price of the tattoo will be calculated after the session, based on time taken and material used. This keeps things fair and consistent for everyone.

Deposits are start from $100, and are non refundable once work on your design has begun. It will be forfeit if you don’t show up/ show up late/ cancel at the last minute/ change your mind about the design.

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