The Wild Paw Tattoo Shop is a little corner we've created to practice and better the craft we so love. It is a place for all who enjoy tattoos and tattooing. No egos and no judgement here.

While we tattoo mostly by appointment, the shop is usually open Mondays to Saturdays, and we are happy to entertain walk-ins whenever possible. Links to all our tattoo portfolios and contact details are available in the 'Tattooers' section of this site. Please follow the shop page on Instagram and Facebook for updates on tattoos we've done, new merchandise, shop apparel, guest artists and flash days too.

While we wish to welcome anyone and everyone, it is strict shop policy to not allow any drunks or drugs. We are also unable to tattoo anyone below the age of 18.



All the tattoo artist in our shop handle their own bookings and schedules independently. The best way to get in touch with an artist you like is to contact them directly. All their contact details are in the “Tattooers’ tab of this site.


When contacting your artist, include a good description of the tattoo you want. Size and placement estimates, a budget you’d like to work with, days and times you’d prefer as well as reference pictures would help lots. Wait times for appointments are between a week to 2-3 months depending on the tattooer’s availability and the complexity of your design.




Our shop is located at 30A Bali Lane, on the 2nd floor of a nice heritage shop house, right on the edge of the Malay Heritage District. If you’re on the train, we are a short 6 minute walk from Bugis Station. Bus stops along Ophir road are a 2 minute walk and other along North Bridge Road and Beach Road are 5 minutes away. Bali Lane is a pretty narrow road, so getting off at the entrance of Bali Lane might be a good option if you’re coming by Taxi. Roadside parking is available along Arab Street, and there is a sheltered carpark in Golden Landmark Hotel and an open air one opposite Stamford Primary school.




While all the artists in our shop may have aftercare advise that may differ slightly, we generally encourage you to keep the medical bandage we’ve applied on your tattoo on for about 3 days. We have an optional aftercare balm we’ve produced ourselves that is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and gentle on sore skin if you’d like something to aid with the healing process. Spare medical bandages and various aftercare balms are all available to purchase at the shop, whether you’ve been tattooed here or not. If you have any doubts about aftercare procedures, its best to check in with the artist who made your tattoo as he or she would know best.




We collect deposits for all our appointment bookings and before we begin any custom drawings. Deposits are generally $100, although we might at times ask for a higher deposit for bigger pieces or if we anticipate that the drawing will be very time consuming. The deposit amount will always come off the final price of the tattoo. Deposits are not refundable once we’ve started on your drawing, and are not transferable if you don’t show up for your appointment.

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